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Counselling for Holborn. By Leather Lane, Portpool Lane, near Hatton Gardens and Farringdon.

Counselling and psychotherapy in Holborn, near Hatton Gardens and Faringdon.

Hello there. A very warm welcome to you.

  • Are you anxious, stressed or feeling low?
  • Are things at work tough?
  • Are you having difficulties in your relationship- hard to know if it's you or them -or it's hard even to find someone nice?
  • Is your self esteem suffering?
  • Is your sleep affected?
  • Is your relationship with food suffering- maybe leading to worries about your body?

    I am here to listen to you. You don't have to suffer alone, any longer.
    We can work together with any of these and any of the following including:

  • Abuse and Trauma
  • Addictive / self limiting behaviours
  • Loneliness
  • Gender & Sexual diversity
  • Neurodiversity / ADHD
  • Bereavement

    You might suffer from one or any of the above or you may have another source of hurt that you want help with.
    I'd like to help you. You can tell me everything in confidence that I don't judge or tell you what to do.
    I am here to help and support you when you need it most.

    I offer you time and space to share your difficulties, where you have the freedom to be you and not have to edit what you say. I will listen carefully and get to know you well. I'll accepted and champion your uniqueness and specialness. We talk together in my informal, relaxed therapy room in Holborn, where there is no pressure. This time is yours, to get what you are needing, to be heard in a safe space, with acceptance. I work freely, integratively and ethically, with my trainings on the back seat. How you are and what you are experiencing is more important than anything I have been taught. While solid training for this work is vital, it takes second place now, you are my priority. I think that how you are feeling is paramount because this guides us together on your journey towards wholeness. We will work side by side with me as the support, finding the way that is right for you.

    About counselling and Psychotherapy-
    You may have already had experience of counselling before. If you have not yet, counselling might be described as a type of support and listening where the focus is on you and how you experience things. It can be a particularly helpful at times of loss, change and upheaval when things feel confusing. You should find that when I listen to you carefully and you get space to express what is going on, it should help you see things more clearly.

    Life challenges-
    Can make you feel stressed. Over the long term this might have left you suffering from anxiety and depression, which can sometimes be difficult to tell people about in case they begin to worry, or they start to tell you about their problems and yours don't get heard. Another problem can be that (meaning well) they tell you that 'everyone feels like that sometimes'.

    In desperation you might have resorted to things that give you temporary respite, such as eating too much or too little, or the wrong type of food. You might feel so bad about what you ate that you purge or exercise or feel so bad that you get lower- and then the cycle starts. Or you might turn to smoking, drinking or using drugs, prescribed or otherwise. Sometimes you might find you buy things to help you feel better or find yourselves in unhappy relationships. There are any numbers of ways we try and get ourselves out of one painful emotional state in an attempt to get us into a calmer one. The problem is that then these behaviours can give us more problems- the very thing that was meant to help then burdens us with something else. Counselling can really help because together we look at what the behaviour was treating. Knowing that opens up more flexible and life enhancing self-soothing possibilities.

    Counsellors are trained to listen to you properly
    Without us getting in your way, giving you the space to be able to say what you need, hear yourself and importantly have someone who cares, listening to you, focusing on your well-being.

    You might choose to come for counselling-
    Because something is happening that is making life particularly hard. Things might be happening that you don't want or there may be things you want to happen that don't.
    You may have been struggling on alone-
    Hoping that things might work out on their own. You might be coming to the conclusion that you have tried everything you can think of and you’ve run out of options. You might be exhausted by trying to work it out on your own and are ready for a friendly face and some warm support.

    You have made it this far-
    In spite of everything. You have done the hardest part. I have the deepest respect for anyone who decides they would like counselling. The next step, to come to counselling requires just one more bit of the same courage that got you this far. Take heart, you no longer have to try and work this out all on your own. We can work together.

    You are very welcome to ring or email me. I can offer a free 20-minute chat.

    Please ring: 07595 292129 or email: [email protected]
    I will be pleased to hear from you.

    Counselling for Holborn. By Leather Lane, Portpool Lane, near Hatton Gardens and Farringdon.

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